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Wondering why there is an adoption fee? Most non-profit organizations do not receive Federal or State funding. Adoption fees, Fundraising and Donations acquired is what keeps the rescue afloat.  Wondering why there is an adoption fee?  ADOPTION FORMS

  • Max is a 3 year old male located in El Paso, Texas. Max does not like other animals. He will need to be the only pet in the home. He does do well with children, but he is toy and food aggressive, so only homes with older children will be allowed to adopt him. Max is a bouncy sheepie, and if left unattended in a backyard for long he can easily jump a 4 foot fence. You will need a 6 foot or higher fence in order to contain him and keep him from getting out of your back yard. Max is a beautiful sheepdog with tons of personality. Max is not a big sheepdog and only weighs around 55 pounds. He has one blue eye, and one brown eye. His tail is docked.

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TxOESR, Inc. is a group of volunteers who give their time and love to the rescued Sheepdogs who come into our program. We provide vetting and a loving home environment to our foster dogs awaiting adoption.

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