Foster Guidelines

& Application

Home Inspection

The Foster grants permission for a Rescue representative to visit a foster dog at all reasonable times while the Foster is in possession of the foster dog. If the Foster moves, the Foster will notify the Rescue (beforehand) and permit the Rescue to perform a home visit at the new residence and  continued possession of any foster dog will be subject to the Rescue’s approval of such home visit in Person, FaceTime or Skype.


Status and Responsibilities as Foster

The Foster agrees and acknowledges that  the Foster is not becoming the owner of any foster dog in the Foster’s care,  and is only providing care for such time as the foster dog remains in the custody of the Rescue. The Foster understands it may be required to provide foster care to a foster dog for an extended and indefinite period of time.



The Foster agrees to promptly respond to adoption inquiries to potential adopters, and provide the Rescue and any potential adopter with up-to-date information about the foster dog. The Foster will not adopt a foster dog to a potential adopter until the potential adopter has been approved to adopt by the Rescue, has been fully vetted and spayed/neutered. The Foster will be given 2 weeks (14 days) to decide if they would like to adopt the Foster from the Rescue. After 2 weeks (14 days), if the Foster has decided not to adopt the foster dog, the dog will be up for adoption to other approved Adopters.


Veterinary Care

All Medical Questions to be directed to Stephanie Crider (940) 464-3260/(940) 230-0269; and, if she is unavailable, contact Julianne Malone (214) 649-3145.


The Foster agrees to provide a foster dog and all personal pets with proper veterinary care as recommended by the Rescue. This includes, but is not limited to, a monthly heartworm preventative and flea and tick control mediation.


Fosters’ veterinarian must be approved by a TXOESR Board Member prior to dog being seen.


The Rescue agrees to pay for any veterinary care and medication that a foster dog requires, provided the medication or veterinary services is approved by the Rescue prior to treatment. The Foster understands that all emergency veterinary care and medication must also be approved by the Rescue before the services or medication is provided.


Food, Shelter and Basic Care

The Foster agrees to provide the foster dog with adequate food (of premium quality), shelter, exercise and socialization, all costs of which are the responsibility of the Foster. The Foster agrees to treat the foster dog as a family pet at all times and not under any circumstances leave the foster dog chained or tethered or allow the foster dog to live outside for any extended period of time, and will insure the foster dog sleeps indoors each night. The Foster agrees to keep the foster dog in a secure area when not under supervision, to ensure its safety and the safety of the Foster, the Foster’s family, animals and property.



The Foster understands that the Rescue provides no guarantee as to the health of any foster dog in the custody of the Rescue, and understands that a foster dog may have significant medical needs, socialization problems and may not be housebroken or separation anxiety. The Foster agrees to exercise due caution when handling a foster dog in the Foster’s care.



The Foster agrees to never transfer ownership of any foster dog to any other person, organization or company, except for temporary, short-term possession for the purpose of veterinary care, grooming, etc., without the prior written consent of the Rescue. If for any reason the Foster is unable to continue to house and care for a foster dog, the Foster will notify the Rescue immediately, will immediately return the foster dog to the Rescue and/or cooperate with the Rescue while the Rescue finds accommodations for the foster dog.


Identification and Microchip Information

The Foster agrees to keep a collar provided by the Rescue on the foster dog at all times, which collar will have the Rescue’s contact information, the Foster’s contact information, microchip tag and rabies tag.



The Foster agrees to provide to the Rescue with pictures, periodic updates and material information about a foster dog’s health, personality and adoptability in order to increase the foster dog’s chances for adoption in accordance with the Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue Foster Guidelines.



The Foster agrees to immediately notify the Rescue if the foster dog is lost or stolen, and agrees to make every effort to locate the foster dog by notifying local dog shelters and police stations, contacting local veterinary clinics and hospitals and placing advertisements in appropriate locations such as newspapers, neighborhood announcement boards, social media, etc., to the extent reasonably requested by the Rescue.


Boarding, Dog Parks, Doggie Day Care, Etc.

The Foster agrees not to board any foster dog or take any foster dog in its care to a dog park or doggie day care without the prior written consent of the Rescue. The Foster further understands that the Rescue will not be responsible for the costs associated with boarding, dog parks, doggie day care and the like unless the Rescue agrees in writing and in advance.


RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION. The Foster agrees that the Rescue is not liable in any way for any injury or damage caused by a foster dog while in the Foster’s care, custody and control. The Foster voluntarily agrees to release and indemnify the Rescue, its officers, directors, members, agents, volunteers and representatives from any and all actions, claims and liability arising out of, resulting from or related to injuries or damage to persons, animals or property caused by or arising out of any act or occurrence involving a foster dog while in the Foster’s care, custody and control, including, without limitation, dog bites, illness or any other actions of a foster dog. This release of liability and indemnification provision includes, without limitation, injury or damage to persons and children who come in contact with a foster dog while in the Foster’s care, custody and control, the Foster’s pets and other animals and potential adopters and their family members, personal pets and other animals.




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