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Foster Guidelines


Words of deep appreciation go to you wonderful people who have offered to share your home with a Rescue Old English Sheepdog. TXOESR can and will be providing any necessary medical care for the Rescue OES in your care. The one thing that we can not give and you can is the daily love and caring that our beloved breed needs so much, especially those who may have had a "rough" time in life. Your input about the Rescue dog that you care for is essential in helping us find the right placement for the dog, and we appreciate and value your opinion with regard to this.


We will try to screen dogs well before placing them in Foster Care, but some behaviors may not show up in the kennel situation they may come from.  At times the lack of knowledge about a particular Rescue Dog requires that he/she be placed in Foster Care to enable us to know the dog better and to determine the best placement for that dog.



Again, we want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for this unselfish act of sharing your love and home with a Rescued Old English Sheepdog.



The following guidelines have been established to help you to understand what role is expected of a Foster Home.




  • Please do not let the dog off lead unless you are in a fenced area.  The OES shall not be muzzled for any other reason than to clip nails, attend to ears or face.  At no time should the OES be muzzled for long periods of time.
  • If you want more freedom for the dog than regular lead provides, please use a 20 to30' lead or line.  Never tie the Rescue dog outside unattended,
  • Introduce all new situations to the Rescue Dog slowly until you are sure of the response, i.e. people, cats, dogs, etc. The rule of thumb is to use caution and take precautions. That way no one - man nor beast - gets hurt.
  • Dog must always be kept on lead or crated while being transported.
  • Take special care with Rescue dogs near cats or other dogs,  Behaviors may be unexpected.  While OES are known for their ability to get along with other animals, yours can still be protective when a new dog comes on the scene.  Never leave a Rescue dog "kenneled" with your own dogs without supervision.
  • You may be asked to transport OES to foster care, veterinarian facilities, or from a person's home or shelter facility.

    Harris County Rabies/Animal Control

    Houston Humane Society

    CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection

    Pasadena Animal Rescue

    Baytown Humane Society

    City of Houston BARC

  • You will not be asked to transport to foster care any OES felt to be of questionable temperament.





All necessary medicines will be provided and paid for by TXOESR.




TxOESR, Inc. is a group of volunteers who give their time and love to the rescued Sheepdogs who come into our program. We provide vetting and a loving home environment to our foster dogs awaiting adoption.

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