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Cindy Johnson

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 Texas OES Rescue, Inc.  Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue Incorporated, a registered 501(c) 3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code Corporation, is a group of dedicated volunteers who give their time and love to the rescued Sheepdogs who come into the program.  We receive Old English Sheepdogs from both owner surrenders and shelters. Additionally, we coordinate with other rescue organizations throughout the United States, it‘s territories, Canada, and Mexico.  We offer education and support to all who care for and love this breed. Many of our rescue Sheepdogs are in good health, but for whatever reason, need to find new homes. Occasionally, we receive a dog in need of medical attention who we nurse back to health prior to placement.


While the fee for adoption usually offsets any expenses that we may encounter with our dogs, this is not always the case. We rely on membership dues, donations,  Grants, and fund raisers to provide funding for these expenses.  After an evaluation period in a foster home, adopted Sheepdogs arrive at their new, forever adoptive home with the following: medical history, microchip, vaccinations, groomed, spayed/neutered, heartworm negative (or treatment provided), parasite free and housebroken. It is our goal to have happy, healthy sheepdogs leaving our program with a brighter future for tomorrow.

Meet The Team

Stephanie has loved Old English Sheepdogs since she was 3 years old. She acquired her first one when she was 17.

Stephanie began showing Old English in 1991, competing and winning many GCH Titles in AKC Judging Competitions. She held the Vice President position for the North Texas Old English Sheepdog Club and also served on committees for the Old English Sheepdog Club of America.

In 2007, Stephanie joined the TXOESR to help rescue the helpless, malnourished and abandoned OES that needed a voice. Stephanie has held multiple positions in the rescue and will, most likely, continue to serve in some manner for many years to come.

Stephanie and her husband, Mike, have lived in Argyle, Texas most of their lives.

At this time, their 6 fur kids are Brandon (2nd rescue from TXOESR), Petunia (1st rescue dog from Mexico), Cosmo (who is a rescue AND received his AKC GCH Title), Ivy (1st Mexican puppy litter), Sasha (failed foster) and last but not least, sweet 12 year old Valentine (a mix of who knows what?)

For many years, Stephanie has written the TXOESR Newsletter and organized the annual picnic event to raise money for this special breed.





Stephanie Crider

Bob and his wife, Laurie, have owned, rescued, fostered and adopted OES for 32 years.   Their introduction to the breed was in early 1983 when Laurie saw and handled an OES puppy named Chester. Returning home she told Bob how Chester was the most beautiful puppy she had ever seen. Bob said because of work and travel it would not be logical to get a dog and that, he thought, was that.

The next day Bob came home and spotted a leash, collar, food and water bowls and Laurie informed him they had an appointment that Saturday to look at OES puppies and that was that. Against his better judgement, Bob joined Laurie and went to see the puppies. Two hours later Bob, Laurie and a little boy who would be named Albert headed home.

So started the love affair with Old English Sheepdogs.

When Bob accepted a new position in Granbury, TX he contacted the TXOESR and offered his and Laurie’s volunteer services. Bob, being a certified accountant, eventually assisted in the creation and incorporation of Texas Old English Sheepdog, Inc.; and, with a few interruptions, has been Treasurer since day one.

Over the years, Bob and Laurie have rescued and fostered as many 7 as OES at one time! Yet, not without a few failures. “Foster failures” did occur. Lily, Chloe and Macy are failure examples who have their permanent home with Bob and Laurie now.





Robert Osterling

In 2011, Cindy joined TXOESR as a foster. Little did she know what was in store for her!TXOESR has grown and expanded to include surrounding states to rescue Old English Sheepdogs. In the Spring of 2014 Cindy became Foster/Placement Coordinator and doesn’t even live in Texas! Cindy and her husband, Scott, live in Oklahoma!

Cindy was thrown into the mix and has soared in her position. Cindy not only brings knowledge to the rescue, but she also brings dedication, experience and love for sheepdogs, making her a huge asset to our rescue.

Prior to being apart of the Old English Sheepdog rescue, Cindy fostered dogs with the Texas Collie Rescue. Since being apart of TXOESR they have fostered numerous Old English sheepdogs and have, literally, nursed them back to health. Currently, she has a sweet girl, Abby, who is on her 2nd hip replacement surgery. Cindy and Scott have two sheepdogs of their own, Taz and Lily, who are wonderful foster siblings to Abby.



Foster/Placement Coordinator

Cindy Johnson

In 2000, Mike retired from a career in Public Safety. He left to "do everything he felt would be fun but never would have paid him enough to live on". He moved from NY to CO to VA to UT and now lives in Texas. The constant was his love for animals of all kinds.

Not once, however, was there an OES in his life.

That changed when he met Devra and the two of them became the servants of Malcolm (Elliot Forbes) Sheepdog. Succeeding him were Oliver (Wendell Holmes) The Elder, Miss Ellie and Buffett (named after Warren Buffett. However, it was quickly realized he was more like Jimmy), Margie (an owner turn-in, in UT), Jaxx and Oliver (both from TXOESR).

In UT, Mike and Devra volunteered for Colorado OES Rescue as the only representatives in the state. TXOESR came to their attention during their fundraiser and they became members, in 2007.

When they moved to TX on a corporate transfer for Devra, they contacted TXOESR. Mike & Devra became involved with TXOESR activities and Mike has held the Secretary Position for the past 5 years.

They have fostered many Old English Sheepdogs, over the years, recently placing Dooley #56 in a spectacular home!

To keep busy, they purchased a pet spa called The Mutt Puddle (in McKinney and Allen). Every Tuesday is “Rescue Tuesday” where a percentage of the profits for a month of Tuesdays are given to North Texas rescues, foster programs, community causes and pet-related therapy programs. Every September, they run the Weiner Dog Races for the Oktoberfest celebration, in McKinney.




Mike Kelly

Kathy and her husband, Anthony, have been owned by Old English Sheepdogs for more than 35 years.

Originally, from NY, they moved to Texas and settled in Arlington, Texas.

In 2005, and after not having an OES for a few years, they began their search and found TXOESR and have been members ever since.

Kathy and Anthony have fostered many, MANY dogs of over the years; additionally, they

have transported many OES to and fro, across the state, into and out of other states to get these rescues either to their own home for fostering or to the dog’s new forever home.

They have Livvy (failed foster), Allie (little Jack Russell mix) and a cat, Smokie. They are great foster siblings accustoming the foster dogs to little dogs and cats which helps placing them easier.

Kathy has occupied the Membership Director position for several years. She enjoys helping with the Annual TXOESR Picnic every year. The Rhodas are always willing to foster any dog that comes into the rescue.



Membership Director

Kathy Rhoda

After 15+ years of working in the stressful corporate world, Julianne has finally found her groove with dogs. She has been training and rehabilitating damaged dogs for many years and has been able to help TXOESR as well as other local rescue organizations rehabilitate dogs and educate fosters and new owners so that “forever” is truly FOREVER!

Prior to becoming a board member of TXOESR Julianne lost her beautiful twin Golden Retrievers to cancer; one died at 7 and the other at 9 years of age.  Devastated, she couldn’t look at a Golden without breaking down. Both she and her Belgian Malinois, Sally, needed another friend to fill that hole.

So, the search for the perfect dog began….  Enter Old English Sheepdogs.

Julianne found Charlie B from a breeder in Plano. She went to the Lone Star Classic Dog Show to see what her little baby was going to look like when he grew up.  There, she met Stephanie Crider, President ,TXOESR.  A few months later, Stephanie contacted Julianne about training a deaf OES named “Zeke”. It was then that she realized she was a horrible foster because she fell in love with “Zeke” and refused to adopt him out! He is now “Linus” and is the sweetest, happiest boy who keeps the whole household smiling. At the end of 2012, Julianne became the Intake/Placement Coordinator where she remained until the Spring of 2014 and then transitioned to the Marketing position. One of her favorite things about being apart of TXOESR is helping brainstorm and organize the Annual TXOESR Picnic with Stephanie Crider. She finds it so rewarding and fun to see it all come together and celebrate all of the rescued dogs and their families and to raise money so that TXOESR can continue the quest to rescue these precious clowns!




Julianne Malone

Walter Triebel - Website Director

Walt and his wife Dee live in Houston and adopted their second OES from TXOESR in 2002.

Shortly thereafter, Walt was asked to be the TXOESR Website/Internet Director.

Walt has designed and coded the website for the past 14 years.

Walt and Dee have fostered many OES dogs over the years. They specifically enjoy fostering baby Old English Sheepdogs.



Website Manager

Walt Triebel


TxOESR, Inc. is a group of volunteers who give their time and love to the rescued Sheepdogs who come into our program. We provide vetting and a loving home environment to our foster dogs awaiting adoption.

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