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And then there were 9.......


There appears to be no end to the amount of sheepdogs that are suddenly coming into our rescue. We are getting calls daily from shelters, people tagging us on Facebook, owners wanting to surrender their Sheepies, and numerous people notifying us about Sheepdogs who are literally running in the streets across the state of Texas.


At this moment we have 9 Sheepies in rescue, we have others waiting in shelters, and boarding facilities across Texas, and the surrounding states. We desperately need people to help foster so we can continue to bring these dogs into our rescue. You need a foster application on file in order to do it. Please, please, please, go to our website, and actually fill one out. So many people talk about it, but never actually do it. Fostering is not difficult, and it is incredibly rewarding to know you helped save a sheepie.


The more dogs we receive, the faster we go through the donations. We are really hoping someone has planted a money tree, and will allow us to plant some of the seeds πŸ™‚ but until that happens, we are going to need help from each of you. If you can ~PLEASE~donate at least $1.00 to help with the medical needs of these dogs, and those that are not even pictured yet. If everyone would simply donate $1.00, it would add up quickly, and be such a blessing.


Right now we have two puppies who go in to the veterinarian office every few days for bloodwork due to low platelet levels. They are still on medication, and will be for a while. We have two dogs going through heart worm treatment, one who has incontinence, and needs medication to help him. Others need vaccinations, spayed, and neutered, special foods, and ones on special diets. The list of medical expenses is never ending.


Due to lack of fosters in certain rural areas across Texas, and the surrounding states, dogs are being placed into boarding facilities that charge per day, and add up quickly. We really need your help!


*Please remember, it is not about how much you donate, it’s about the fact that you did.


Donations can be made on our website www.texasoesrescue.org


Thank you everyone! We could not do this without you.




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Thank you, Rally to Rescue for your amazing donations.

Thank you, Houston PetSet for selecting Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. as a 2015 Grant Recipient.


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TxOESR, Inc. is a group of volunteers who give their time and love to the rescued Sheepdogs who come into our program. We provide vetting and a loving home environment to our foster dogs awaiting adoption.

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