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Bingo had blood tests done and his white blood cells were highly elevated which means there is an infection. Due to the high number of fleas and ticks he is severely anemic also the test showed that his liver enzyme was low however that is mild and we will keep watch.


He unfortunately tested positive for heartworms and that is going to be a very costly and long treatment, however he needs to get a bit stronger before we can do anything. He has been put on Doxy and Heart guard to get everything started. His skin scraping came back negative which means there are no parasites that they can see, the hair loss is due to his malnourished state.


This is going to be a very long and costly process and we are asking for help from all of you to help with the costs of his treatment.

Even if you can't donate a lot, any little bit will help.

We get healthy dogs and other times they are not so lucky however with your support we can continue to help save the dogs (no matter the condition) as they come to us.



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Posted 6-13-2015

We lost one of our 2 remaining OES in October 2014, the one remaining was not doing real well. Nothing the vet could put her finger on.


I was also not doing well and didn’t realize how depressed I had gotten. My co-workers knew we had lost another dog but didn’t really know what to do for me. I had applied to several rescues including the one here in Colorado but never got any replies back. I was trying to rescue an OES from shelters and Craig’s List all to no avail.  I applied to TXOESR and was told there was a dog for us on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. There were a lot of phone calls, e-mails and such to arrange this adoption. We were lucky enough that a lady was going to Amarillo on the Friday after Thanksgiving and we arranged to meet her there at her hotel Friday afternoon.


We left Colorado Springs at 7AM and 35 degrees. Got to Amarillo and her hotel just as she arrived, took “Walter” in 71 degree weather and drove another 7 hours back home. He was a dream in the car. He got along with Skye our 9 year old OES girl and acted like he had been our boy forever.  We tried out several names on him (my husband didn’t want to use Walter since it was his grandfather’s name), we were looking for some reaction from him.  We were given his papers that said he was born on/around 1 April.  He was totally full of mischief and made things around here lively. So we tried Loki on for size and he came to it right away. Seemed fitting since I’m Norwegian and Loki is the Norse God of Mischief.

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