Abby's second hip surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7th. 

Abby was brought into our rescue last October. She had been crated 22 hours a day for most of her life. When we received her she could not get up on her own, and struggled to walk. She was immediately taken to a vet where X-rays were done on her back hips. The X-rays were looked at by 5 different doctors, in two different states. All of them were shocked at the severity of Abby's hips. Their exact words were "We have never seen anything like this." Abby has the worse case of hip dysplasia that any of them had ever seen. They told us she could not continue to live this way, and if we did not have surgery on her hips, she would have to be put down. 

Abby had her first (FHO *Femoral Head Osteotomy*) surgery on December 8, 2015. It has been a very long, and rough road to recovery, but this one surgery has completely changed Abby's life forever. Abby can now get up, get down, lay on her back, and even squat almost to the ground to go potty. Trust us, that is Amazing! 

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Thank you everyone for your continual support. We could not do this without each of you!!